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David R. Papke, ed., Narrative and the Legal Discourse, Pp. 368, 1991




Part One: Legal Education


Chapter 1: James R. Elkins, "The Quest for Meaning: Narrative Accounts of Legal Education" (Journal of Legal Education, 38 (1988), 577-98)

Chapter 2: Andrew W. McThenia, Jr., "Telling a Story About Storytelling" (Journal of Legal Education, 40 (1990), 67-76)

Chapter 3: David O. Friedrichs, "Narrative Jurisprudence and Other Heresies: Legal Education at the Margin" (Journal of Legal Education, 40 (1990), 3-18)


Part Two: Litigation



Chapter 4: William M. O'Barr and John M. Conley, "Litigant Satisfaction Versus Legal Adequacy in Small Claims Court Narratives" (Law & Society Review, 19 (1985), 661-701)

Chapter 5: Thomas L. Shaffer and James R.Elkins, "Solving Problems and Telling Stories" (Legal Interviewing and Counseling (St. Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing, 1987)

Chapter 6: Douglas W. Maynard, "Narratives and Narrative Structure in Plea Bargaining" (Law & Society Review, 22 (1988), 449-81)

Chapter 7: Kathryn Holmes Snedaker, "Storytelling in Opening Statements: Framing the Argumentation of the Trial" (American Journal of Trial Advocacy, 10 (1986), 15-45)

Chapter 8: Bernard S. Jackson, "Narrative Models in Legal Proof" (International Journal for the Semiotics of Law, I/3 (1988), 225-46)


Part Three: Legal Doctrine


Chapter 9: John Denvir, "William Shakespeare and the Jurisprudence of Comedy" (Stanford Law Review, 39 (1987), 825-49)

Chapter 10: David Ray Papke, "Discharge as Denouement: Appreciating the Storytelling of Appellate Opinions" (Journal of Legal Education, 40 (1990), 145-59 )


Part Four: Alternative Legal Narratives


Chapter 11: David Ray Papke, "Legitimate Illegitimacy: The Memoirs of Nineteenth-Century Professional Criminals" (Legal Studies Forum, 9 (1985), 165-77)

Chapter 12: Jim Thomas, "Prisoner Cases as Narrative" (in Prison Litigation: The Paradox of the Jailhouse Lawyer (Totowa, New Jersey: Rowman and Littlefield, 1988)

Chapter 13: Marie Ashe, "Zig-Zag Stitching and the Seamless Web: Thoughts on 'Reproduction' and the Law" (Nova Law Review, 13 (1989), 355-83)

Chapter 14: Richard Delgado, "Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others: A Plea for Narrative" (Michigan Law Review, 87 (1989), 2411-41)



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