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Law and Language: The Italian Analytical School

edited by Anna Pintore and Mario Jori

translations by Zenon Bankowski, Simona Stirling and Anne Pirrie

Anna Pintore is Associate Professor of the General Theory of Law in the University of Cagliari
Mario Jori is Professor of the Philosophy of Law in the University of Milan

Italian legal theory, since Bobbio and Scarpelli, has made a distinctive contribution to modern jurisprudence, in analysing the constitutive, logical and significatory aspects of language for law, largely in the light of neo-empiricism and the philosophy of language. Most of this writing is unread outside the Italian-speaking world. This is the first collection of translations into English of leading articles from this tradition

This book will be essential reading for advanced students and researchers in jurisprudence and the philosophy of language


Anna Pintore, Introduction (click here for text) (offprint)

Norberto Bobbio, The Science of Law and the Analysis of Language (abstract) (offprint)

Uberto Scarpelli, Ethics, Language and Reason (offprint)

Giovanni Tarello, Philosophical Analysis and the Theory of Legal Interpretation (offprint)

Enrico Pattaro, Towards a Map of Legal Knowledge (abstract) (offprint)

Gaetano Carcaterra, The Rules of the Pickwick Club. A Model for the Theory of Law (offprint)

Amedeo G. Conte, Eidetic-Constitutive Rules (abstract) (offprint)

Alfonso Catania, Acceptance in the Thought of Herbert L. A. Hart (abstract) (offprint)

Giacomo Gavazzi, In (Partial) Defence of a Predictive Conception of Legal Obligation (offprint)

Giorgio Lazzaro, Law and Ordinary Language (offprint)

Letizia Gianformaggio, On Moral and Legal Justification (abstract) (offprint)

Riccardo Guastini, Rules, Validity and Statutory Construction (offprint)

Luigi Ferrajoli, The Semantics of the Theory of Law (offprint)

Mario Jori, The Object and Method of Legal Science (abstract) (offprint)

Andrea Belvedere, Some Observations on the Language of the Italian Civil Code (offprint)



ISBN 0-9513793-5-6 (cloth bound), Pp., x + 437, Published December 1997, Price: £42.00


Legal Semiotics Monographs (ISSN 1360-1652):

I. Bernard S. Jackson, Law, Fact and Narrative Coherence
II. David R. Papke, ed., Narrative and the Legal Discourse (out of print)
III. Dragan Milovanovic, Postmodern Law and Disorder
IV. Bernard S. Jackson, Making Sense in Law. Linguistic, Psychological and Semiotic Perspectives
V. Bernard S. Jackson, Making Sense in Jurisprudence
VI. K. Tuori, Z. Bankowski and J. Uusitalo, eds., Law and Power. Critical and Socio-Legal Essays
VII. Anna Pintore and Mario Jori, eds., Law and Language. The Italian Analytical School
VIII. Bernard S. Jackson, Semiotics and Legal Theory

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