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Legal Semiotics Monographs (ISSN 1360-1652)

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I. Bernard S. Jackson, Law, Fact and Narrative Coherence (hardback: ISBN 0-9513793-0-5; also as searchable pdf)

II. David R. Papke, ed., Narrative and the Legal Discourse
(now out of print)

III. Dragan Milovanovic, Postmodern Law and Disorder (ISBN 0-9513793-3-X)

IV. Bernard S. Jackson, Making Sense in Law. Linguistic, Psychological and Semiotic Perspectives (hardback: ISBN 0-9513793-6-4; 
also as searchable pdf)

V. Bernard S. Jackson, Making Sense in Jurisprudence (hardback: ISBN 0-9513793-8-; 
also as searchable pdf)

VI. K. Tuori, Z. Bankowski and J. Uusitalo, eds., Law and Power. Critical and Socio-Legal Essays (ISBN 0-9528938-0-0;
; also as searchable pdf)

VII. Anna Pintore and Mario Jori, eds., Law and Language. The Italian Analytical School (ISBN 0-9513793-5-6;
also as searchable pdf)

VIII. Bernard S. Jackson, Semiotics and Legal Theory (reprint of 1985 RKP edition: (ISBN 0-9528938-1-9; 
also as searchable pdf

IX. Dennis Kurzon, A Tale of Two Remedies. Equity, Verb Aspect and the Whorfian Hypothesis (ISBN 0-9528938-2-7)

X. Hanneke van Schooten, ed., Semiotics and Legislation. Jurisprudential, Institutional and Sociological Perspectives (ISBN 0-9528938-3-5; also as searchable pdf)

XI. Anna Pintore, Law without Truth (translation of Il diritto senza verita: ISBN 0-9528938-4-3; also as searchable pdf).

XII. Audun Kjus, Stories at Trial (ISBN 978-1-906731-08-3also as searchable pdf).

XIII. Hanneke van Schooten, Jurisprudence and Communication (ISBN 978-1-906731-14-4also as searchable pdf)



Andrew Rees, The Young Corporate Lawyer's Vade Mecum (ISBN 978-1-906731-07-6also as searchable pdf)

Stephen M. Passamaneck, The Laws of Evidence: Shulhan 'Arukh, Hilkhoth 'Eduth (ISBN 978-1-906731-16-8also as searchable pdf)

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