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The publication programme of the Unit is now complete. The following books are all now available:

1. Bernard S. Jackson, Agunah: The Manchester Analysis, ISBN 9781906731113, £45.00

2. Rabbi Dr. Yehudah Abel, Confronting 'Iggun, ISBN 9781906731120, £29.50

3. Shoshanah Knol, Agunah and Ideology, ISBN 9781906731137, £35.00

4. Avishalom Westreich, Talmud-Based Solutions to the Problem of the Agunah, ISBN 9781906731205, £29.95

5. Nechama Hadari, The Kosher Get: A Halakhic Story of Divorce,
ISBN 9781906731199, £35.00

6. Agunah Research Unit,  Agunah: 'Iyyun Manchester
(sikum hamehqar), in Hebrew 

with hasqamot from R. Shear-Yashuv Cohen and R. Shlomo Daichovsky

            paperback ISBN 9781906731212, £15.00

For further details of each, click on the title

 The six volume set is priced at £150 (£140 without vol. 6)




EITHER: send a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank in favour of Deborah Charles Publications (adding £3.00 postage per volume ordered), indicating the number of copies, and with your full postal address (including postal code) for delivery, and send it to the address at the top of this page.

OR send an e-mail to bsj@legaltheory.demon.co.uk indicating your requirements. We will generate an invoice, including the appropriate postage, and payment instructions via Paypal, and you can pay either from your Paypal account (if you have one) or by regular credit card on the secure Paypal payment site.